Who Am I?

Dr. Kevin Phillips, a veteran educator, leader and military veteran who believes that leaders have to first be able to lead themselves before we can lead others. I believe that there are principles that lead to success.

Principles such as living a disciplined life, creating a vision for what you want as well as building strong relationships with others so that you can share in life's ups and downs.

I have worked my entire adult career in service to others. I have built a team of coaches who are committed to seeing others accomplish their life’s desires. While young men are who we seek to support with Determined Destiny, our teaching, coaching and mentoring strategies work for anyone looking to get more determined. My experiences in growing and coaching young men over the past 25 years have taught me that each situation is different so connecting and listening to the needs of the individual always determine the course to success.

My Passion in Life is...

Watching others grow from one stage of life to another defying the odds, overcoming past failures and creating the life they want, their Destiny through Determination!