Determination and education, my friend are the key factors to changing our situation from where it currently is to where we want to be.

Determination has to come from within. It has to be the thing that drives us to another level of living life on our terms. Being determined does not mean you will not have challenges but it does mean we will have the grit needed to overcome adversity.

Education does not have to be formal education, education is the act of learning. In order to reach our Destiny in life we should commit to being lifelong learners! Determined Destiny is committed to helping our young people develop the skills, grit and determination needed to reach their full potential, their Destiny!

Go all in for growth.

$399 30 Day Discovering Your Destiny Journey:
30 Day Plan to Discover your Destiny

Phase 1: Self Awareness and Self Reflection

Phase 2: Leading Myself

Phase 3: Character Growth Continuum

Phase 4: Empowerment: Excellence

$199 Monthly Mentoring:
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The time has come to get the help and support your son needs to be successful. Do you want your son to go to be successful in school, help more at home, make better decisions, even go to college? If that’s you then join the Determined Destiny Mentoring Program to get him on the right track.


  • A biweekly one-hour live call with a coach, with the opportunity to ask your personal questions
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